After many events the book on Pamplemousses cemetery is finally available as an online version on this website. It includes far-reaching researches at the National Archives of Mauritius as well as an exhaustive list of burials having been completed. Some of which wanted by people who have beenwaiting patiently for this document for many years.

By the end  of the year 1996, the committee of "Friends of the Pamplemousses Cemetery" was formed.
Duning 1997 and 1998, a survey  of the tombs, locations were mapped, Zones were delimited and a new cemetery plan was drawn.
Then, the committees started to renovate the French and English tombs as well as some outstanding monuments.
The  cemetery was thoroughly weeded and shrubs deteriorating certain monuments were removed.
The main gate of the cemetery was also repaired.
The editing of the booklet which, was supposed to be done in a short time suffered considerable delay because the Chairman wanted to include some chapters covering the history of Mauritius as well as about the village of Pamplemousses and its surroundings though most of the committee members were in favour of keeping the booklet to its original objective of the list of burials and tombs architecture. Some biodata of eminent personalities buried in this cemetery would also be included.
Later , some members resumed editing the booklet with the original objectives in mind: The cemetery, its history,an exhaustive burials list, tombs architecture, epitaphs, some biographies  and statistics from the survey results as well as the origins of the peopled buried and their professions.

 This online  booklet is an abridged version of the final work because of obvious practical reasons. The printed version of the booklet  "The Old Pamplemousses Cemetery and its history" is available from the Friends of the old cemetery.

We hope that this boolet will be useful to lovers of the history of Mauritius and especially to genealogists whose ancestors names are in the burials list.

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