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There are many opportunities to participate in this great adventure where researchers, historians, genealogists, photographers, graphic designers, computer scientists, etc., all have a role to play in making this country genealogical data available online in our database.

We need your help to assist you find your ancestors and build your family tree. Don't think twice. Contact us now.

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           ACTIVE MEMBER


If you are a Mauritian resident, you may file an application form to become an active or supporting member. Active members have the power to vote at general meetings and participate in the shaping of the furure of the association. They can form part of the executive committee.






  • Be a Mauritian resident;
  • Applied for membership;
  • Had your application approved;
  • Paid the entry fee and annual subscription.
Supporting member


A Supporting member

SUPPORTING MEMBERSupporting members are resident or non-resident members who support the association.  Under Mauritian law, a non-resident is not allowed to be an active member of any association registered under the Registration of Associations Act. Supporting members keep the association going by their regular donations. Supporting members have a priviledged status in the association. They are often consulted by the executive committee when major decisons  are to be taken and participate in the non-administrative events of the association. However, supporting members do not vote at general meetings. They do not form part of the executive committee.



  • Register as a supporting member;
  • Make regular yearly contributions;
  • Optionally:

               Participate through the forum;
               Carry out digitising tasks;
               Help transcribe archive documents.




DIGITISERDigitisers are photographers who take snapshots of archived documents in an orderly and systematic manner so that a digital register of all the snapshots can be made. These snapsots are then distributed to teams of people for transcriptions. Digitisers need to be active or supporting members of the Cercle de Généalogie Maurice - Rodrigues. Join now! A special badge signed by the president of the association is remitted to each one of them so that they may easily gain acces to the archives to be digitised.



  • Own your own Digital Camera  (8 Megapixels or higher);
  • Have basic knowledge of photographic principles;
  • Understand the use of photographic filters;
  • Able to work independently and efficiently;
  • Have a basic knowledge of photo processing software;
  • Ability to organise your pictures in directories as per registers.



Document Capture (Transcriptor)


You have some time for the transcription of scanned documents and you want to help expand the databases of the CGMR for the sake of mutual genealogical assistance. You want to undertake some work in the interest of genealogists and researchers in a collective  approach. You want to help preserve the genealogical heritage of our country.  Join our volunteers.



  • To register as a volunteer. Write to: imaugen_data@yahoogroupes.fr
  • Possess a computer with Windows XP, Vista or + MAC (possible!);
  • Have an internet connection to 1MB/s or more;
  • Download and install the software Nimègue;
  • Or download our MS Excel template;
  • Have some paleography knowledge (optional)
  • Do not share the photos you have been entrusted with;
  • Upload your work exclusively to the CGMR.

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